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Our escort service is currently looking for new girls at the age of 21 and above who are willing to work as escort. We are a genuine agency with all the required papers to legally offer escort service in Belgium. It is possible to leave a online application or call us on the phonenumber +32(0)000 00 00 00.

We offer high payments with the ability to decide your own working times. We are open from 14:00 untill 05:00. We are looking for motivated escorts. Ofcourse, a personal invitation is possible under female companionship in where you can ask all your questions related to the escort business in Belgium.

It is possible to grow as a professional and take a look into our club. This and more info will be provided upon a personal meeting. Please, we only work on legal basis. Fill in the following form and click on send to confirm. Your details are stored discretely and only used for application. None of this is stored on our website. Response within 24 hours.

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